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Our AI-Platform Solution (PRO-EYE)

With our AI-Platform, discover relevant data to rapidly build, deploy and evolve your services. Our platform is a sandbox to build, refine and deploy AI models. It provides developers with access to various tools and resources, such as pre-trained models, APIs, and development environments, that enable them to experiment with different AI technologies and use cases. Our platform can provide a competitive edge by boosting embedded software validation with AI/ML. Our platform handles - Automated Test Case Generation, Fault Prediction, Anomaly Detection, Dynamic Test Case Prioritization and Optimization of Test Execution.

Additionally, we offer a unique feature: we convert your existing database to interact with your natural language input, eliminating the need for database experts. Now, obtaining pertinent information is as simple as expressing your query in natural language. This capability streamlines the process, allowing users to effortlessly access and interact with their database without requiring specialized expertise. Experience the convenience of a database that understands you, transforming the way you extract valuable insights from your data.