DFB-2 - DFB with Fiducials

Distributed Feed Back Laser (DFB)

1550nm High Power CW Laser: A DFB (Distributed Feedback) laser is constructed using an InGaAsP laser diode chip that's specifically designed for high-power, single-mode operation. It comes packaged with a built-in Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) for temperature control and an integrated optical isolator to prevent unwanted reflections. This laser is hermetically sealed within a dependable 14-pin Butterfly package, ensuring its stability and reliability for various applications. It is available in a TO package, with an aspherical or ball lens. 1653nm wavelength for gas sensing is available in TO & chip form.

1550nm High Power DFB Laser Bare Die: This 1550nm High Power DFB Laser offers a narrow linewidth output, making it ideal for precision applications. The laser is designed in a bare die form factor, which facilitates easy assembly onto a heat-dissipating submount. Its wavelength of 1550nm is well-suited for various optical and telecommunications applications.

Product Code Center Wavelength (nm) Datasheet Enquiry Cart
DS-DF50401A1-FP 1550 PDF Enquiry
DS-DF50701D-L10 1550 PDF Enquiry
DL-DFB65003T-A 1650 PDF Enquiry
DL-DFB62503T-A 1625 PDF Enquiry
DL-DFB61003T-A 1610 PDF Enquiry