Silicon Microphones (MIC)

IR-2921-AB-3868: Introducing the IR-2921-AB-3868 Product Series, a revolutionary advancement in MEMS capacitive silicon microphones. Crafted with patented, advanced designs, this series caters to diverse customer applications and future needs. Elevating capacitive sensing to unprecedented levels, it features a single platform solution accommodating an extensive Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) range from -68dB to beyond -78dB, aligning seamlessly with the imminent wave of microphone advancements. Powered by unique patented designs and processes, the IR-2921-AB-3868 series sets a new standard for state-of-the-art microphones.

Engineered for high-volume and high-performance applications, it promises world-class audio quality and adaptability. A standout feature is its patented design, ensuring unparalleled SNR and a smaller die size. This breakthrough enables compact packages, measuring just 2.95 mm x 2.15 mm, meeting the rising demand for ever-smaller footprints in future applications. Whether for diverse applications, an impressive SNR range, or compact design catering to future needs, the IR-2921-AB-3868 Product Series represents innovation and excellence in MEMS capacitive silicon microphones. Stay ahead in audio technology with a microphone set to redefine standards. Welcome to the future of sound with the IR-2921-AB-3868 series.

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